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Molding Resins Manufacturer & Supplier in Indonesia/h1>

Our molding resins are best in class which are widely implemented in a wide range of products.

Our Molding Resin has received a good appreciation in the community with the superior quality products produced. Quality improvement is our priority in meeting customer demand standards. Competitive prices and stable supply distribution make us a leading manufacturer of molding resins.

Our Molding Resins are produced through the development of environmentally friendly technologies making our resins at the top level in the paint industry and providing optimal solutions for customer satisfaction.

Under the mission “We create enhanced value and leverage innovation to introduce socially responsible and sustainable products,”

Product list for Molding Resins

ApplicationRecommended UsageType of ResinProduct NameRemarks
PUTTYSurface putty~CHPO typeAir drying unsaturated polyester resinSUNDHOMA CN-225-SFGood adhesion & flexibility
Marble glue~BPO typeSUNDHOMA DE-180Good hardness & sand ability
Surface putty~BPO typeSUNDHOMA DE-460
DECORATIVE PLYWOODSurface coating of plywoodAir drying Unsaturated Polyester ResinSUNDHOMA PE-1473Fast Curing, excellent gloss
SUNDHOMA PE 1473-HVGood handling, workability
SUNDHOMA KC-2296Low styrene emission & VOC Free
Surface wood coatingSUNDHOMA KT-310Non wax type, good sand ability, fast drying
SUNDHOMA KT-530Non Wax type, good sand ability, fast drying
BUTTONSheet ButtonAir drying Unsaturated Polyester ResinSUNDHOMA BS-109Rod button, excellent dispersability pigment
Rod ButtonSUNDHOMA KA-172
CASTINGCultured marble, Solid surface product (mostly use for Hotel & Apartments equipment)Unsaturated Polyester ResinSUNDHOMA BU-124Good transparency, low shrinkage
GENERAL PURPOSETo make more flexible (putty or button resin)Isophtalic unsaturated polyester resinSUNDHOMA FG-208Flexibility
Orthophtalic unsaturated polyester resinSUNDHOMA FG-140Good hardness
FRP water tank, FRP Septic tank, FRP Dust bin, FRP Toys and equipment, cable tray, cable ladder, duct, hood, etcOrthopthalic Unsaturated Polyester ResinSUNDHOMA FG-260 PCan use for general product of FRP
GEL COAT (by spray and brush)Molding for FRP, Gelcoat for sanitary equipments Isophtalic unsaturated polyester resinSUNDHOMA GC-230-PDExcellent chemical resistance, heat resistance
FRP Automotive components, FRP bathtub, FRP home appliances, etcIsopthtalic Unsaturated Polyester ResinSUNDHOMA GC-250Good performance of glossy and crack resistance
FRP HAND LAY UPStructure of lamination for Cooling tower, Septic tank, Water Tank, Boat, Yatch, etcOrthopthalic Unsaturated Polyester ResinSUNDHOMA FH-164 NStandard type, no sticky
SUNDHOMA TA-130Long pot life, moderate exotherm, Thixothropic
SUNDHOMA TA-136No sticky, fast wet out
FRP FILAMENT WINDINGFRP equipment with low concentrate chemicals and low temperature service i.e FRP Pipe, FRP tank, FRP lining, FRP Vessel, etcIsophtalic Unsaturated Polyester ResinSUNDHOMA FW-231High mechanical properties, chemical resistance*
SHEET MOLDING COMPOUND (SMC)FRP bathtub, FRP Pedestrian street fiberglass product, FRP Panel tank, etcIsopthalic type Low Profile AgentSUNDHOMA PS-3340Excellent boiling resistance, Good chemical resistance, excellent water resistance.
Orthopthalic type Low Profile AgentSUNDHOMA 8009
BULK MOLDING COMPOUND (BMC)Lamp reflector, Home appliances parts, etcIsopthalic typeSUNDHOMA PB-3190Non promoted, non wax, excellent surface smoothness
Orthopthalic typeSUNDHOMA PB-3241
VINYL ESTERFRP lining for concrete, FRP lining for metal, Flake lining, FRP Tank, FRP Vessel, FRP Scrubber, FRP Reactor, etcBisphenol-A GradeEPICLON UE-3505 EXGood chemical resistance*, low shrinkage, good mechanical properties,


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