Technical Services

As our motto “customer satisfaction is first”, as a form of our service to our customers, we provide a technical service team to support our customers in consulting in terms of products to the production process.

Quality Assurance

Our products go through very strict checks to obtain the best quality. for that our quality assurance division plays a role in determining our quality products. Our experts are committed to developing high quality resin products. To achieve that goal, product development and improvisation, quality control and quality management that are effective and sustainable, trainings for our experts and good service for our customers we apply.

Certification of International Standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS, Recycled Blended and AEO

PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals has adopted the ISO management system as a standard in the effectiveness of management and production processes. We highly emphasize the importance of the production process using quality materials, equipment with the latest technology to produce high-quality and environmentally friendly production results in obtaining ISO certification.

For this reason, PT Pardic Jaya has been awarded several ISO certifications including ISO 9001 and 14001 obtained from the LLOYD Register, OHSAS 18001 obtained from Sucofindo and Recycled Blended obtained from Control Union. And the new one now we try to get certification for ISO 45001:2001 for replacement ISO 18001:2007. All this achievement indicates that we are present as a competitor that can compete in the world market that can continuously supply high quality products resin that can meet the requirements of customers.


AEO Certification

As one of the logistics operators with international standards, PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals has become a member of the AEO. with AEO provides convenience in system integration, facilitates export and import transaction services by adapting technology that continues to grow to supply chain guarantees to customers.

With the AEO facility, in addition to securing the logistics supply chain in international trade, it is also to provide certainty, security, and convenience for business actors in running our business.